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Buffalo Bills fan confidence can’t be higher after throttling Denver Broncos

The fanbase’s confidence is high.

Fans of the Buffalo Bills are on cloud nine right now. After clinching the division for the first time in 25 years and playing to get to the number-two seed in the AFC this week, Bills fans are once again at 100 percent confidence in the SB Nation Reacts voting. That’s the second straight week of perfection.

The voting came after the Bills thoroughly took out the Denver Broncos on Saturday in a nationally televised game. Broncos fans fell from 61 percent confident to 50 percent after the loss.

Bills fans are one of three teams with a 100 percent confidence level; fans of the Tennessee Titans have been at 100 percent for three of the last four weeks while Baltimore Ravens fans joined Buffalo and Tennessee this week. Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs were close, with 1 percent holding out after an imperfect win. On the other hand, fans of the Atlanta Falcons are the only team in single digits.

In the AFC East, Miami Dolphins fans are still fairly confident in the future of their franchise at a rate of 96 percent while fans of the New York Jets and New England Patriots are on the other end. They share a 30 percent fan confidence level.

In other SB Nation Reacts voting, Bills QB Josh Allen is tied for second in the national vote for MVP and third for Offensive Player of the Year. Patrick Mahomes is first in MVP and second in OPOY behind Derrick Henry. Head coach Sean McDermott reeled in 18 percent of the vote for Coach of the Year, which is 1 percent behind Andy Reid and fourth in the overall vote.