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Buffalo Bills fan confidence back up following win over Chargers

Bills fans have been pretty confident all year.

Buffalo Bills fans have generally been pretty confident this year and their team hasn’t given them a whole lot of reasons to doubt them. Besides back-to-back COVID-19 tainted losses to two top AFC teams and a fluky Hail Mary loss to a solid Cardinals team, the Bills have kept winning. This week, fans responded to the latest victory with more confidence.

With 4 percent of fans flipping their vote from not confident to confident following Buffalo’s win over the Los Angeles Chargers, a total of 94 percent of Bills fans are confident in the direction of the team. It’s the 11th time in 13 weeks the Bills hit 90 percent or higher fan confidence.

Leading the league again this week were the New Orleans Saints at 100 percent fan confidence. Tennessee Titans fans joined them this week. At the bottom, fans of the Chicago Bears (6 percent) and Philadelphia Eagles (4 percent) were the only teams in the double digits.

In the AFC East, Buffalo is in the lead at 94 percent with the Miami Dolphins falling to 90 percent. Fans of the New England Patriots are just 47 percent confident while the New York Jets are at 18 percent, despite their 0-11 record.

There was one more result from national voting. When asked if the Bills were contenders in 2020, only 77 percent said yes.