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Jamie D & Big Newt: Admit It, the Buffalo Bills Are Good

The Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen Prove Critics Wrong on MNF

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Jamie D and Big Newt podcast art
Podcast art for Jamie D and Big Newt
Josh Rawdin

The Buffalo Bills traveled out west for a Monday Night Football showdown against last season’s NFC representative in the Super Bowl, the San Francisco 49ers. It was bound to be an interesting matchup and it didn’t disappoint, especially if you’re a Bills fan.

Jamie D’Amico and Big Chris Newton discuss the game, as well as other topics, including:

  • How do players respond when coaches decide to go for it on fourth down?
  • Both WR Cole Beasley and QB Josh Allen each had their best games as professionals. What does this say about their Pro Bowl prospects?
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers lost their first game of the season on Monday to the Washington Football Team. Was it just a bad game, or are the Steelers ready to be beaten by the Bills on Sunday?
  • What will it take to win the division?
  • The Bills coaching staff made changes to the offensive line. Right guard Brian Winters was mercifully sent to the bench in favor of Ike Boettger being moved into the lineup.
  • Humans like their pets better than they like other humans.
  • All of Big Newt’s school-age accomplishments, and whether it means he peaked early in life.
  • How the big man’s obsession with buying a PS5 led to the police being called by a surly retail employee.

Be a part of the podcast! To hear your questions and comments discussed, contact the hosts on Twitter at @TheJamieDamico and @Big_Newt.

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