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Why free agents should sign with the Buffalo Bills in 2020

What say you?

After 2019’s free-agent haul it seems pretty clear that general manager Brandon Beane knows what he wants and knows how to get it. The Buffalo Bills brought in 17 free agents, most of whom contributed either in starting or rotational roles in 2019. Even with the new faces the team brought in, there are very clearly still holes to fill. So the question remains: Why should any free agent want to sign with Buffalo?

Cap space

Lets be clear, a playoff team nestled within the top four franchises for available cap space after bringing in 17 free agents the year before is almost unheard of. Luckily, the Bills’ GM is Brandon Beane, so you've heard of it. With a little over $82 million in cap space this offseason, the Bills are in prime position for what we all hope is another successful free agency.

Coaching/front-office stability

The Bills are returning their head coach, defensive coordinator, and offensive coordinator in 2020. If I'm an NFL free agent, seeing a team that knows what it wants to do and how to do it is very appealing. Based on what we know from Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane already, free agents shouldn't expect any major changes in the future coming to the Bills. The team has minimized traumatic turnover and is clearly invested in keeping the right people around as long as possible.

Elite Defense

With free agency looming, there are some questions surrounding who will stay a Bill in 2020. For the most part the defense should look similar if not the same next season. Any defensive free agents on the market should fire their agents if they aren’t seriously considering any calls they get from One Bills Drive. With Leslie Frazier returning and the foundation for what could be the league’s best defense already in place, defensive free agents would be walking into one of the best situations in the league.

The offense is almost there

If you had to pick what the team’s Achilles heel was in 2019 you would probably say the offense. But with that being said there is very clearly a foundation in place for 2020. If I'm an offensive free agent in 2020, Buffalo is on my short list for a number of reasons. Josh Allen is trending upwards, there are playmakers everywhere and there’s a competent coaching staff in place.

A window to win

For the first time in 20 years the Bills are in position to take over as one of the league’s elite teams. With a solid front office, coaching staff and personnel that has already shown it can get it done, the Bills’ time to win is now. The narrative has always been “Nobody wants to play in Buffalo.” Based on what the team showed this season, we could see the narrative shift very fast.