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Buffalo Bills salary-cap implications of releasing Trent Murphy

If the Bills move on, what would it look like?

In an effort to provide Buffalo Bills fans with information, we are tackling the potential release of defensive end Trent Murphy. Maybe the Bills want to re-sign Shaq Lawson and use some of Murphy’s money to do it, or they feel he’s underperforming, or they just want to get younger. Whatever the reason, here’s what it would look like on the cap.

He has the second-highest cap hit on the team in 2020 behind Mitch Morse and just turned 29.

The veteran only has one year left on the deal he signed a couple offseasons ago. His $9.775 million cap hit is a combination of $1.75 million from his signing bonus, $6.425 million in salary, $500,000 for a roster bonus (due March 22nd), a $100,000 workout bonus, and a $31,250 per-game-active bonus which could needs to be counted as the full $500,000 in the cap, plus a $500,000 incentive bonus he earned in 2019. The pro-rated portion of the signing bonus and the incentive bonus are only dead money left.

2020 cap hit: $9.775 million
2019 sack incentive earned: $500,000 (already paid)
Roster bonus: $500,000 (due March 22)
Salary due: $6.425 million
Workout bonus: $100,000
Per-game bonus: $500,000 (paid out per-game active at $31,250)

Dead money if cut: $2.25 million
2020 savings if cut: $7.525 million