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AFC East Roundup: 2020 NFL Draft capital

Who controls the draft in the division?

We discussed previously on the AFC East Roundup the positions each team in the division could be eyeing early on in the draft. What we didn’t cover is all of the draft capital that some of the teams have this year. This week, we take a look at the list of picks that each of the four teams have to use in April.

Miami Dolphins

R1: 5, 18, 26
R2: 39, 56
R3: 70
R5: 145
R6: 166, 178
R7: 224

The Dolphins hold a lot of power early in the draft with three key first-round picks. Miami could use the picks in any number of ways whether it be drafting their franchise quarterback or maybe even using them to trade for someone like Cam Newton who may have a lot left in the tank. They also have the last pick of the draft for anyone interested in the fate of Mr. Irrelevant,

Buffalo Bills

R1: 22
R2: 54
R3: 86
R4: 118
R5: 138, 150
R6: 169, 182, 188

Something to keep an eye on for Buffalo are those five picks in rounds five and six. It’s possible that Brandon Beane uses some of those picks for a trade to move up in rounds three or four if a prospect is still on the board that the team covets. Other than that, expect a pretty normal draft for Buffalo.

New England Patriots

R1: 23
R3: 87
R4: 115
R6: 176, 185
R7: 208. 213

New England has the lowest amount of draft capital in the division with most of their picks coming in the later rounds. However, the Patriots are good at finding some great players deep in the draft. Take Tom Brady for example whose story we all know by now. Look for them to do a lot of work in free agency and then try to fill in the missing pieces through the draft.

New York Jets

R1: 11
R2: 48
R3: 68, 79
R4: 110
R5: 141
R6: 172
R7: 203

New York finds themselves as the only team in the division with a pick in each round of the draft. They have some big holes to fill on the roster and the draft picks to fill some but not all of their team needs.