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WIVB becomes new home for Buffalo Bills preseason games, team shows

A big local change is happening.

Late on Friday, WIVB in Buffalo announced that they were the new “official broadcast station of the Buffalo Bills” and would be the home of the team’s preseason games as well as personality-branded programming including The Sean McDermott Show. The CBS affiliate in Buffalo (seen on Channel 4) replaces the local ABC affiliate, WKBW Channel 7.

In addition to McDermott’s show, WKBW had a postgame show on after the games on Sunday and other Bills-related content. WIVB has yet to announce what, if any, additional programming we can expect to see but did promise more “year-round coverage”.

The press release was quick to point out that it wasn’t just Buffalo that was going to be impacted by the news. All throughout New York State and northwest Pennsylvania, the Bills and their programming will be shifting to Nexstar-owned properties:

  • WIVB, Buffalo
  • WROC, Rochester
  • WSYR, Syracuse
  • WTEN, Albany
  • WIVT, Binghamton
  • WPNY, Utica
  • WETM, Elmira
  • WWTI, Watertown
  • WJET, Erie, PA