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Buffalo Bills salary-cap implications of releasing Tyler Kroft

With the emergence of Dawson Knox, is Kroft worth it?

In an effort to provide Buffalo Bills fans with information, we are tackling the potential release of tight end Tyler Kroft. He has the eighth-highest cap hit on the team in 2020 and his injury history has turned a lot of heads, too. While we tackle the validity of releasing him in other articles, this is just about contract numbers. What would it cost for the Bills to move on from Kroft in 2020?

Kroft has two years remaining on his deal, and his numbers shoot up from 2019 to 2020. While his $2.4 million signing bonus was pro-rated throughout the life of his contract, he has large salaries over the next two seasons hovering around $4.5 million in each year.

Pushing the envelope this offseason are two fulcrums on the same day. On March 22nd, the Bills need to pay Kroft $750,000 in a roster bonus AND $2 million of his 2020 salary fully guarantees. For Buffalo to even keep him through the offseason would cost them $2.85 million.

With the emergence of third-round pick Dawson Knox and the potential of seventh rounder Tommy Sweeney, it seems pretty likely Kroft will be gone before those guarantees hit on March 22nd.

2020 cap hit: $6.4 million
Salary due: $4.45 million
Roster bonus: $750,000
Workout bonus: $100,000

Dead money if cut: $1.6 million
2020 cap savings if cut: $4.8 million
Cash savings if cut: $11.66 million over next two seasons