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Buffalo Bills increasing prices for season tickets and season parking passes

Increased prices are still some of the cheapest in the league

Seattle Seahawks v Buffalo Bills Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

After their most successful season in 20 years, the Buffalo Bills are increasing the price of both season tickets and season-long parking passes according to the Buffalo News.

All ticket prices are being increased, but not by the same amount. Some ticket prices will be raised by just $1, while others are going up $13. Despite the increases, the average season ticket price will still be under $100 per game. The News’ Jay Skurski says that the Bills are just one of three NFL franchises that can make that sub-$100 ticket claim.

Game tickets are not the only item getting a price increase. The team will also be raising the price of season-long parking passes. This price increase will also vary by location. The most infamous lot, the Camper Lot, will be seeing an increase of $50.

It’s never fun to pay more for a product, but as the team’s performance on the field improves it is more justifiable for the organization to demand higher prices for a better product. In addition, next season’s home schedule has some premium games. The defending champion Kansas City Chiefs will be coming to town along with the Seattle Seahawks, both Los Angeles teams, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Those are some the league’s marquee teams. That home schedule may even warrant a primetime game.

Hey, at least the Bills won’t have two home games on a different continent.