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Fan opinion: What should the Buffalo Bills do at backup quarterback this offseason?

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The most popular man in town?

The way Josh Allen plays, the Buffalo Bills are probably going to need a backup quarterback who can play here and there. Is Matt Barkley that guy or should the Bills upgrade?

We’ve analyzed it every which way we can and now it’s your turn to vote. Here are excerpts from all of our articles on the subject. Click the link to get the full info.

Matt Barkley All-22 Analysis excerpt

(By Jeff Kantrowski)

The Buffalo Bills should feel comfortable sticking with Matt Barkley as the backup quarterback. There are clear reasons he’s not the starter but he filled in well, all things considered. Brian Daboll also seems to understand Barkley’s ability very well and routinely called plays with a shot at success. Throw in what appears to be an excellent locker room presence and the Bills should consider the backup spot set.

Read lots more about Barkley’s play in 2019 and beyond in the full article with GIF analysis

Free-agent backup QB options excerpt

(By Sean Murphy)

Case Keenum (Washington)
Washington signed the 32-year-old Keenum to serve as a placeholder for rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins, and the veteran gave way to the rookie after compiling a 1-7 record through eight starts. While the record is bad, the straight numbers (64.8% completion rate, 11 touchdowns to five interceptions, 6.9 yards per passing attempt) were not bad at all.

Taysom Hill (New Orleans Saints)
Hill is a restricted free agent who has said that he wants to be a quarterback only—and a starter, at that. The Saints are expected to keep him, but as a restricted free agent, other teams will have the right to negotiate with him, and if New Orleans doesn’t want to match a particular offer, than Hill could be on the move. With Hill’s athleticism, it would help the Bills to keep much of the same offense (especially the ground attack) in play if Allen were to be injured, but this is an unlikely scenario at best, especially if New Orleans places a first-round tender on him.

Trevor Siemian (New York Jets)
After completing 59% of his passes and throwing 18 touchdowns to just ten interceptions in 2016, he saw his TD:INT ratio dip to 12:14 in 2017. He was traded to the Minnesota Vikings in 2018, where he held a clipboard as the backup to Kirk Cousins for the duration of the season before signing on as Sam Darnold’s backup in New Jersey. Siemien may have a bit more athletic upside than Barkley, and he definitely has a stronger arm, but changing them out might feel a bit like reshuffling deck chairs on the Titanic to some.

Jeff Driskel (Detroit Lions)
An intriguing younger player, Driskel filled in for Matthew Stafford last year, going 0-3 for the Detroit Lions while their franchise quarterback was injured. He completed 59% of his passes in those three games, tossing four touchdowns against four interceptions while passing for 685 yards. He added 151 yards and a touchdown on just 22 carries, and he also caught a pass for six yards.

Chase Daniel (Chicago Bears)
Daniel completed 70% of his passes last season, throwing for 435 yards, three touchdowns, and two interceptions in three games (one start). The Bears had been connected to Marcus Mariota, given that his collegiate head coach, Mark Helfrich, was the team’s offensive coordinator; however, Helfrich was fired in January, leaving that connection a bit less obvious. If Chicago decides to bring in more serious competition for Trubisky, the Bills could do far worse than adding a steady veteran like Daniel.

Marcus Mariota (Tennessee Titans)
Speaking of the former No. 2 overall pick, I can’t think of many guys who are more “process” than the clean-cut Mariota, who lost his job to Ryan Tannehill and then watched the Tennessee Titans march all the way to the AFC championship game. Is it a likely scenario? Of course not. But, hypothetically, let’s say that a market never materializes for Mariota to go somewhere as a starter. Would Buffalo want to add that kind of competition for Allen?

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2020 NFL Draft QB options

(By Andrew Griffin)

Tier I

Jalen Hurts (Oklahoma)
Jake Fromm (Georgia)

The former Alabama transfer is an athletically gifted quarterback, but struggles reading the whole field and has an awkward throwing motion that creates scattershot accuracy. Hurts needs development. Fromm, the former Georgia signal caller, is the polar opposite: His weak arm and movement skills force him to get back on accuracy and timing. That may be enough for some teams around the third or fourth round.

Tier II

Anthony Gordon (Washington State)
Steven Montez (Colorado)
Nate Stanley (Iowa)

Tier III

Cole McDonald (Hawaii)
Shea Patterson (Michigan)
Kelly Bryant (Missouri)

Read more about the Tier II and Tier III options in our complete article here

Now it’s your turn to vote. There are a bunch of options for you in the poll.

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What should the Buffalo Bills do at backup QB this offseason?

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  • 30%
    Keep Barkley, add a couple camp arms
    (190 votes)
  • 12%
    Keep Barkley, add a veteran free agent for depth
    (79 votes)
  • 37%
    Keep Barkley, draft a young arm for depth
    (234 votes)
  • 14%
    Cut Barkley, add a veteran free agent to be the primary backup
    (90 votes)
  • 3%
    Cut Barkley, add a drafted QB to be the primary backup
    (23 votes)
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