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NFL sets 2020 salary cap just under $200 million

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Everyone knows the parameters now.

With the new Collective Bargaining Agreement ratified, the NFL has sent out information about the new 2020 league year. The first bit of news was the announcement of the league’s salary cap number.

According to NFL Network, the figure is $198.2 million. The Buffalo Bills will have between $77 and $78 million to spend on free agents* when the new league year opens, according to Spotrac assuming they roll over the full $25.6 million of unused space from 2019.

This number is going to fluctuate over the next couple days. One of the new provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement is raising minimum salaries, so as those numbers go up, the Bills’ space will shift a bit. Currently, the top 51 contracts are the only ones that will count.

(*That figure does not include Quinton Spain’s deal, which will take $3 to $5 million depending on how it’s structured.)

That figure represents a $10 million jump from 2019.