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All-22 highlights: Minnesota Vikings WR Stefon Diggs, the newest Buffalo Bills receiver

Sure it’s a highlight reel, but did I really need to convince you he’s good?

How did we get an All-22 out so fast on Stefon Diggs? I’ll tell you a secret. I didn’t bother painstakingly reviewing multiple games to come up with a data set. We all know he’s really good. So let’s just celebrate a fantastic addition by breaking down some highlights to see if the positives he brings will help out the Buffalo Bills. And besides, the last week hasn’t exactly been pleasant for most of us. Time for some fun!

Play 1

The fake to the outside speaks for itself. What’s also important to see is that Stefon Diggs doesn’t significantly slow down when he starts to look for the ball. Maintaining speed, he finds his way to the spot and nearly breaks free for the touchdown.

Play 2

Look, I can’t JUST give you deep shots. Although the 17.9 yards per reception that Diggs averaged last year should have Bills fans giddy. It’s good to see the route deception work in short-yardage situations as well though. Needing five to keep the drive going, Stefon Diggs gets ahead of the sticks with a quick cut. Diggs is a threat in any situation.

Play 3

A common refrain from yours truly this past season was that the Buffalo Bills lacked a receiver who could be counted on to track a deep ball. Kirk Cousins throws the ball over 40 yards in the air and arguably the ball is off-target. Notice that Diggs is running his route in a straight line at one of the pauses. The ball is already in the air at that point. Diggs tracks it and curls his route to get to where he needs to be. If you’re wondering how to feel, the answer is “excited.”

Play 4

The Minnesota Vikings are in good shape at 2nd and 5 so they try for a quick shot to see what happens. It looks like the play will be blown up, but Diggs uses that change-of-direction skill in incredibly close quarters to get away. Even after that he keeps pushing forward—even after contact—to gain 18 yards. Physically, Diggs seems more imposing than his 6’ and 191-lb frame would suggest.

Play 5

Rasul Douglas (no. 32) starts running early as he correctly guesses the go route. It doesn’t make a difference though, as Diggs ends up winning the footrace. Another adjustment to a deeper ball stands out. And yet again, Diggs brings the ball in while in stride.

Play 6

This isn’t All-22, but sometimes the broadcast footage is the best angle. What do I love on this play? The body control, ability to go up and get the ball, the strong hands catch, getting the feet in, ability to keep possession of the ball. Everything really.


I guarantee that there’s going to be a discussion on value when it comes to Stefon Diggs as he didn’t come cheap by any means. And that’s fine, but let’s keep focus on player evaluation only for this article. After all, he’s already on the team so the focus should be on what he brings.

The answer is that Stefon Diggs brings a lot to the table. John Brown and Cole Beasley both had pretty good years with Josh Allen at the helm but the team was missing the persistent threat to score on every down. Stefon Diggs is that threat, giving the cannon-armed quarterback we’re all fond of a true deep threat.

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