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Billieve: Josh Allen’s development with the Buffalo Bills, part 2

Take a look at where Allen improved and where progress is still needed.

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On the latest episode of the Billieve Podcast, host John Boccacino and co-host Jamie D’Amico continue with their in-depth analysis into the progress made by Buffalo Bills starting quarterback Josh Allen.

Boccacino and D’Amico wrap up their two-part podcast addressing Allen’s growth from his rookie year to year two. Allen’s overall numbers improved across the board, as Allen guided the Bills to a 10-6 record and the No. 5 seed in the AFC playoffs. Allen’s completion percentage increased six points to 58.8% while he threw for 3,089 yards with 20 passing touchdowns and nine interceptions. After a Week 4 loss to the New England Patriots, Allen really curtailed his turnovers and finished with 17 TDs compared to just three INTs.

So where did Allen specifically improve from his rookie to his sophomore season?

  • Allen made strides in his abilities to both read the blitz and beat Cover 0 defenses;
  • Allen continued to improve his accuracy with intermediate (11-20-yard passes) down the left sideline;
  • Allen progressed in both third-down and red zone scenarios;
  • He became much better at not being a run-first quarterback who flees the pocket at the first sign of trouble.

Where does Allen still need to improve?

  • Finding and predicting open spots in zone coverage;
  • Throwing his receivers open;
  • Making decisions faster
  • In his accuracy on deep passes (those over 30 yards in the air);
  • With his ball security;
  • With throwing the ball before his receivers make their break on a route. Check out part two of our podcast on Josh Allen’s development for our thoughts!

Check out part two of our podcast on Allen’s development for our thoughts on these topics!

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