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2020 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills draft picks, post-Diggs Trade

The Bills still have seven selections in the draft

The Buffalo Bills were aggressive in making moves during the 2020 free-agency period, and no move was more decisive than sending the Minnesota Vikings a package of picks to acquire wide receiver Stefon Diggs. The 26-year-old Diggs may turn out to be the number-one wideout that the team has lacked since Sammy Watkins.

Meanwhile, the Bills’ chest of 2020 draft picks is looking a little lighter after this particular transaction. Reports indicate that Buffalo sent the 22nd overall pick, along with a fifth-round pick (No. 155 overall) and a sixth-round pick (No. 201 overall) in 2020, along with a 2021 fourth-round selection. The 155th selection was originally one of the two picks acquired from the Cleveland Browns in the Wyatt Teller trade. However, things may change when more authoritative information is released.

With that necessary caveat, below is the complete list of 2020 draft picks as they currently stand:

2020 Buffalo Bills Draft Picks

Round Selection Notes
Round Selection Notes
2 54 Bills original selection
3 86 Bills original selection
4 128 Bills original selection
5 167 Bills original selection
6 188 Acquired from Browns for Wyatt Teller
6 207 Acquired from Patriots for Russell Bodine
7 239 Acquired from Vikings in Stefon Diggs trade

**Original seventh-round pick traded to Cleveland Browns for wide receiver Corey Coleman