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Despite objections from general managers, 2020 NFL Draft will proceed as scheduled (for now)

The coronavirus is hitting some places harder than others.

The entire sports world has been turned upside down by the coronavirus, but the NFL offseason has progressed nonetheless. The next major step for the NFL is the 2020 NFL Draft, scheduled for April 23-25. While the physical fan event in Las Vegas has been cancelled, the picking of players is still scheduled to go on for now.

On Tuesday, the NFL’s general manager subcommittee voted 6-1 in favor of delaying the draft according to ESPN. That hasn’t change the league’s mind.

NFL scouts and coaches were pulled off the road as college prospects and schools cancelled Pro Days and other workouts due to social distancing. Prospect visits to the team facility were cancelled and team staff aren’t even being allowed in the building. Follow-up physicals and medical check ups are off the table.

In order to level the playing field a bit, the NFL did announce that every team facility around the country would be closed in an effort to increase social distancing. Teams in harder-hit areas (like New York) had been concerned that while they were being told to stay at home, other teams’ staffs were allowed to go into their facilities to work on free agency and draft prep.

For now, there are more questions than answers about how the league and the country are going to move forward and the situation on the ground keeps changing. We’ll keep updating.