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Buffalo Bills’ fan confidence is sky-high following initial free-agency period

You could say we Digg the work they’ve been doing.

The Buffalo Bills are seemingly in win-now mode, and their bold offseason has fans of the team feeling pretty darn confident.

After being at just over 80% fan confidence following the 2019 season, Bills fans are near 100% following the first wave of free agency. During the intervening time frame, Buffalo traded for wide receiver Stefon Diggs, signed several potential starters and wave players on defense, and were able to maintain their entire offensive line from a year ago (not to mention all their major position coaches and coordinators).

For their effort in free agency (and the trade is lumped in here), the Bills earned high marks from fans. More than 60% of voters gave the Bills an “A” with about one-third giving them a “B”.

Part of the reason for the fan confidence has to do with the rest of the AFC East, where the New England Patriots lost future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Fan confidence for New England is hovering around 50% and they earned much lower marks on free agency:

Fans of the New York Jets are much more confident than they were at the end of the season, jumping from roughly 10% all the way up to nearly 80% of Jets fans being confident in the direction of the team. The Miami Dolphins’ numbers aren’t as dramatic in their rise, but they finish higher near 90%.