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Former Buffalo Bills QBs receive votes of confidence this offseason

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They are everywhere.

Several former Buffalo Bills quarterbacks were in the news this offseason for the right reasons; their teams gave them a vote of confidence in one of a few different ways.

Tyrod Taylor is now the presumptive opening day starter for the Los Angeles Chargers after the departure of long-time starter Phillip Rivers. While most expect the chargers to take a quarterback in the top ten of this year’s draft, Taylor will be the veteran mentor for the offseason just as he was for the Cleveland Browns and Baker Mayfield after the Bills traded him.

In Florida, Ryan Fitzpatrick is still the lead dog for the Miami Dolphins until they draft their quarterback of the future. The Dolphins are expected to pull the trigger on a QB at number 5 overall (though that could still change). Fitz has been in this position before but always find a way into the lineup.

Further down the list, some backups received new deals this offseason starting with Nathan Peterman. He signed a one-year deal with the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason as one of their four quarterbacks. It’s an Exclusive-Rights Free Agent contract, so none of it is guaranteed and it didn’t contain a signing bonus.

AJ McCarron also re-signed with his old team, inking a deal with the Houston Texans. His $4 million is almost all guaranteed and half of it was already paid in a signing bonus as he serves as the Houston Texans’ veteran mentor to Deshaun Watson. (Joe Webb was also on Houston’s roster last year, but is currently a free agent.)

Cardale Jones didn’t fare so well in the XFL, throwing seven picks against four touchdowns. He has not signed with an NFL team since the premature end of the XFL season.