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Fan Opinion: Which Buffalo Bills key free agents do fans want back?

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Who do you want to see come back?

Buffalo Bills fans have spoken. This offseason, we’ve been evaluating the crop of Bills free agents, discussed what they would cost, offered ways to replace them, and then our readers voted. It’s time to share the results of all of those polls.

We’ve place them in order of the percentage of Bills fans wanting to re-sign them.

DE Shaq Lawson (92% voted to re-sign)

Lawson is a solid piece who could be had for a reasonable deal plus Buffalo would have flexibility in the 2020 NFL Draft. He really turned it on in his contract year and they could save the money to sign Lawson by releasing Trent Murphy, who many Bills fan want to jettison.

CB Kevin Johnson (70% voted to re-sign)

A low-cost injury risk when he signed a year ago, Johnson played well in 2019 and, most importantly, he stayed healthy. Now set to sign a larger deal, Bills fans see the hole his departure would open at cornerback and they aren’t confident in Levi Wallace. (Only 3% wanted the team to let Johnson leave and keep Wallace as the CB2.) The vote for Wallace was split with 11% being happy with just a Wallace/Johnson competition, 17% wanting to add an additional free agent on top of Wallace/Johnson, and 42% wanting to draft a starting caliber CB to compete with Wallace/Johnson.

OG Quinton Spain (56% voted to re-sign)

A good chunk of folks voted against re-signing Spain so Cody Ford could move inside. Others didn’t like his projected price tag. In either case, Spain is a virtual coin flip among the broad Bills fan base.

DT Jordan Phillips (27% voted to re-sign)

Bills fans are pretty much universal in their desire to have Phillips in town, but the likely cost of his new deal was enough to push away nearly three-quarters of the voting bloc. Our contract projection was three years and $21 million for a player who’s likely going to be a backup to former top-ten pick Ed Oliver.

RB Frank Gore (24% voted to re-sign)

A low yards-per-carry average and an aging player don’t mix well. Most fans see this as an area they can upgrade pretty easily and even at a reasonably low salary, the future Hall of Fame running back would be on the outside looking in for the vast majority of Bills fans.