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Buffalo Bills announce staff changes, promote Leslie Frazier to Assistant Head Coach

They also added a Nickel coach.

The Buffalo Bills, as part of a post-season review of their staff, have announced several coaching changes and promotions, including promoting Leslie Frazier to Assistant Head Coach.

Frazier has been the stalwart leader of Buffalo’s defensive department for three years under Sean McDermott. In 2019, he coordinated a defense that finished second in points and third in yards allowed. Frazier already has four years of head coaching experience but, despite that and his stellar results, no teams have come calling—so maybe a promotion will help his future job prospects.

Speaking with Buffalo Bills insider Chris Brown, Frazier expressed gratitude for the new job title:

I don’t know how much it changes my role. I feel like Sean and I communicate on so many things regarding our team. I just appreciate that our ownership along with our head coach felt the desire to put that title next to my name. Just very appreciative.

Frazier’s wasn’t the only adjustment to the staff. Former offensive lineman Ryan Wendell, an offensive assistant with the Bills, was promoted to Assistant Offensive Line coach. Offensive assistant Shea Tierney earned a promotion to Assistant Quarterback coach. Offensive assistant Marc Lubick was promoted to Assistant Wide Receivers coach and also given a Game Management title.

Finally, most interestingly, defensive assistant Jimmy Salgado was promoted to Nickel coach—a new position on the staff. As Brown notes, Salgado spent plenty of time last year working with players like Siran Neal, Taron Johnson, and Dean Marlowe. The nickel position in Buffalo’s defense carries a number of different roles in the run and passing game depending on personnel packages, so it’s great to see the team formalizing this concept with a full-time coach.