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Proposed NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement is in the players’ hands for a final vote

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A timeline has been established.

The proposed NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement is now officially in the hands of the NFL Players Association general membership for a yes/no vote. A simple majority is all it will take for ten more years of a new labor agreement.

“The NFLPA has sent out official ballots to every NFL player who was a dues paying member in the 2019 season to cast their vote on a new collective bargaining agreement,” reads a statement from the NFLPA statement. “As outlined in our constitution, ratification of a new deal is subject to approval by a majority of our members who vote. The voting will be open until Thursday, March 12th at 11:59 PM Eastern. Player ballots will be confidential and will be received by an independent auditor to ensure the integrity of the process. We encourage every NFL player to review the full collective bargaining agreement and exercise their democratic right to vote.”

So in roughly a week, we’ll know which way the winds are blowing.

Prominent players have come out against the new CBA proposal, but lots of rank-and-file players have incentive to vote yes on the deal, which increases salaries at the bottom end of the roster while also adding spots on the active roster and practice squad.

March 12th is the deadline to place franchise and transition tags on players. With the final year of the deal in 2020, teams are allowed to tag two players this offseason but under the new deal, it would move back down to one player after the fact.

NFL free agency is schedule to open with the legal tampering window on March 16th and the new league year starts March 18th. While they could always push back the start of the league year by a day or two, it’s unlikely there will be enough time for a subsequent negotiation and vote if the proposal is turned down.

It should be noted, we are still 19 months away from losing games and more than a year away from the CBA officially expiring. No 2020 games are in jeopardy.

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