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2020 NFL Draft: Fifth-round trade-up makes sense for the Buffalo Bills’ roster

Brandon Beane could be itchy if he still has these picks.

This offseason has been very weird with the coronavirus taking scouts and Buffalo Bills team personnel off the board. With the lack of one-on-one contact and workouts with players this spring, we could see a change in how the Bills and other teams pick at the end of the draft.

While a number of teams might try and accumulate more picks to increase their chances of hitting, some teams may rely heavily on their work from the fall and think that gives them a competitive advantage. Not one to shy away from trading up, this may open the door for a trade up from general manager Brandon Beane on Day 3.

With a solid roster possessing top-to-bottom talent, it’s unlikely that all four of Buffalo’s picks in the fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds will have a spot on the team’s roster in September. If the Bills see a player they like falling to them in the top of the fifth round, they should use those assets to make sure they get a player they really like instead of settling for lottery tickets.

With their ammo, Buffalo could make a move up from their fifth round pick:

  • Pick 167 (fifth) plus pick 239 (seventh) gets them to pick 159 in the fifth round.
  • Pick 167 (fifth) plus pick 201 (sixth) gets them to pick 150 near the top of the fifth round.
  • Pick 167 (fifth) plus pick 188 (sixth) gets them to pick 145/146, at the end of the fourth round.
  • Pick 167 (fifth) plus pick 188 (sixth) and pick 201 (sixth) gets them to pick 134 in the fourth round.
  • Trading all their picks in the final three rounds gets them all the way to pick 130 in the fourth round if they can find a taker.

Knowing Beane, it’s unlikely we get to the fourth round will all of Buffalo’s picks in tact, but it’s a good thought exercise, anyway. The Bills’ GM has continuously traded picks to move up and secure the player he really covets.