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2020 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills have late-round picks to trade

The sixth and seventh rounds are open for Bills trades.

The Buffalo Bills have seven picks in the 2020 NFL Draft, but do they have seven spots up for grabs on their roster? It makes sense that the team would package some or all of their sixth- and seventh-round selections as part of trade ups. If we get to the final two rounds, they have ammo to move up and take a player they see falling.

Buffalo currently stands with three picks over those final two rounds; 188 and 201 in the sixth round, and 239 in the seventh round. Packaging them all together could get them up to pick 155 near the top of the fifth round if they find the right trading partner.

Picks 188 and 201 together gets them to 163 in the middle of the fifth round, where the pick-starved Chicago Bears are hanging out.

Picks 239 and 188 together gets them to 175 at the bottom of the fifth round.

Picks 239 and 201 together gets the team up to 191 in the middle of the sixth round.

I find it exceedingly unlikely Buffalo gets to the final two rounds with these picks in tact. I think general manager Brandon Beane will use them to maneuver up the board in earlier rounds. If he doesn’t take that opportunity earlier, they will be prime candidates for some movement on Day 3 of the 2020 NFL Draft.