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Roundtable: What will your NFL Draft setup look like this year?

Strange days.

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

The Buffalo Bills and the rest of the NFL will be conducting the 2020 NFL Draft remotely. Every team has been sharing their GM’s set up and the Bills shared these awesome pictures of Brandon Beane’s rig:

The huge white board is standard for the draft room as they write down the players who have been picked. (I wonder if his kids are being pressed into service for that role.) Three giant TVs, eight monitors hooked up to several computers for video chats, and a pair of chairs round out the look.

The multiple monitors will have different video chat feeds hooked up, thus the multiple computers. There is one dedicated video chat for the GMs to make a pick, another will be set up to different members of the Bills’ scouting and personnel staff grouping, one will presumably be to the Pegulas and another to coach Sean McDermott and then coordinators and position coaches will be in yet another. You can see how it adds up.

Here at Buffalo Rumblings, our set ups will be much more normal:

Matt Warren

I usually watch the draft exclusively on my computer. I haven’t had cable in a long time, so no ESPN and no NFL Network. I’ve never followed college football, so the only people I care about are the Bills’ picks, anyway. Without a first-round pick, I haven’t even done research beyond reading the draft coverage from the guys here. I’ll probably just hunker down with my Chromebook and second monitor with a beer or two and write about the Bills picks as they come in. I’m anticipating a trade up so I’ll tune in early on Friday.

Sean Murphy

I’ll probably skip the first round entirely given that Buffalo is without a pick—that will make my wife happy, anyway—but without any sports at all, part of me wants to watch just to feel something close to normal. My typical setup is pretty basic, and it won’t change at all this year. I’ll be on the couch watching on TV with an adult beverage or two, and I’ll have the laptop near me just in case I have to write about Brandon Beane’s latest move. Like Matt said, I would imagine that I won’t be needed until around 8:30 on Friday night, when the Bills trade up to somewhere in the 44-47 range to make their first selection.

Anthony Marino

Usually when it comes to the NFL Draft, I am looking at what activities my kids have and how I can juggle them around without missing any coverage. Last year we had tickets for a special screening of Avengers: Endgame, which made for a jam-packed , and somewhat stressful evening. This year we will obviously be at home, with the NFL Network on my television, Buffalo Rumblings on the laptop, and Twitter on my phone.

Josh Rawdin

The NFL Draft is my busiest weekend of the year from a blog perspective. That is because I want to get graphics out for the Bills’ picks as quickly as possible to drive more engagement. This year will be a slightly less busy because the Bills do not have a first-round pick. However, I will still tune into the first round because I love the draft and it will be the first “sporting event” I’m interested in since the college basketball regular season ended. Just like in past years, I will be watching it on TV with my laptop open to Slack and Photoshop ready to go.

Matt B (TheAfghanTwilight)

Like most years, i’ll be watching the draft on TV (I know, cut the cord already!) and have Buffalo Rumblings open on my laptop. This year I may pay closer attention to a Bills-less first round than expected simply to see how a social distance draft plays out. There are sure to be bugs and snafus once things begin to deviate from script (i.e. the first two picks). All told, I’ll probably entice and discuss many a random thought in Slack and work through stuff that y’all enjoy reading here. My hope is to also engage in the comments section, of which I do miss being a regular part.

What’s your draft set up look like and how will it be different than normal?