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Opinion: Isaiah Hodgins is a steal with amazing ball skills for Buffalo Bills

Another receiver who brings new traits to Buffalo’s offense.

The Buffalo Bills have been building their own personal basketball team in this year’s draft by adding a couple of power forwards to the squad. The newest addition coming in the sixth round at pick 207 is former Oregon State wide receiver Isaiah Hodgins. Hodgins, who had an impressively productive career in college, stands at 6’4” and 210 lbs. He brings immaculate ball skills to his new team that many Bills fans feel have been sorely missing. Apparently general manager Brandon Beane is in agreement.

Hodgins was the center of attention for the Oregon State offense (you may be sensing a trend in these players the Bills have drafted). He finished his junior campaign with 86 receptions for 1171 yards and 13 touchdowns. That’s an impressive 13.6 yards per reception. Hodgins’s tape is littered with unbelievable receptions featuring freaky body control and strong hands. I am of the opinion that he takes the spot for the absolute best hands in this 2020 Draft class.

Hodgins is going to be reliable in his craft and finding a player elite in a category like ball skills at the end of the sixth round is an absolute steal for the Bills. Hodgins is a guy who understands what he is good at and he dominated the PAC-12 with those skills in 2019.

Hodgins had athleticism questions coming into the draft and will have to answer those questions in the NFL. However, he did run a respectable 4.61 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine to go along with a 36.5” vertical jump. Hodgins’s biggest struggles come when he has to fight off press at the line of scrimmage. He will either have to learn how to face these struggles or he will be forced into the slot.

Hodgins is a fit for what the Bills appear to have been trying to build with their wide receivers in this draft. Neither Hodgins or fourth-round pick Gabriel Davis will “wow” you with athleticism or fantastic route running. However, both have route running upside and adequate athleticism to go along with fantastic ball skills and reliable hands. The Bills basketball team is coming together nicely.