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2020 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills QB Jake Fromm injury analysis from time with Georgia Bulldogs

Keep him away from Lake Erie!

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Allstate Sugar Bowl - Baylor v Georgia Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm brings a lot of big-game experience to the Buffalo Bills as a fifth-round selection in the 2020 NFL Draft. However, despite all his exposure to the big lights, it isn’t expected that Fromm will see the field anytime soon with incumbent QB Josh Allen and backup QB Matt Barkley firmly ahead of him on the depth chart. There is speculation that Fromm could work into a backup role once Barkley presumably departs as a free agent after this season.

Regardless of the current roster, Fromm does bring some talent to the quarterback room after a hot start to his college career. He was forced to step into the starting role as a freshman at Georgia following QB Jacob Eason’s knee injury in 2017. The Bulldogs rode his hot hand all the way to the National Championship game where they lost in overtime to their SEC rivals, the Alabama Crimson Tide.

He ended up as the starter in Athens for three seasons before declaring for the NFL as a junior. Prior to his senior season, multiple publications were touting him as a first-round draft pick and Heisman finalist. The talent is clearly present, but an underwhelming junior season led to his drop in the draft. Fortunately, Fromm does not bring a slew of injuries to the pros, which could help lengthen his stay on an NFL roster.

Below is Fromm’s known medical history.

2017 season:

Appeared in 15 games in relief of starting QB Jacob Eason who went down with a knee injury. During the season, there were no known injuries to the freshman.

2018 season:

Coming off a stellar freshman year, Fromm suffered what was described as a “freak accident,” catching a fish hook in his left calf. This was the result of his fishing buddy trying to reel in a large bass and wildly casting his line, but instead catching Fromm’s calf. He ended up going to the hospital to have it removed and to ensure that he did not have an infection.

Later that summer, he was at the lake yet again and suffered a broken left hand as the result of a tow rope striking his hand as he tried to shield himself. Several reports stated it was more of a bone bruise, others, a fracture, but an injury nevertheless. Fortunately, this was to his non-throwing hand.

Once the season started, Fromm stayed relatively healthy, appearing in 14 games. Injury-wise, he only suffered a minor right leg injury in the win over Kentucky. Reports indicated that at practice the following days, he had a wrap on his right leg, appearing labored at times. Fromm ended up playing in the next game against Auburn and did not appear to have any ill effects. The report also stated that he did not have any complications during the game, which makes me believe that it may have just been a contusion that required some rest and rehab for the next game.

2019 season:

Appearing in 14 games, Fromm continued to be productive and avoid major injury. However, he did suffer a sprained left ankle in the SEC Championship courtesy of LSU S Grant Delpit as seen below.

He came back into the game on the next series and continued playing, which resulted in a loss for the Tigers, ending his season. He appeared to suffer a low ankle sprain that did not appear serious on film nor did it impact his abilities at the NFL Combine.

Bills Injury Impact:

Due to the current state of the quarterback room, Fromm is more likely to get injured hanging out near the shores of Lake Erie than in the confines of New Era Field. Even with the freak injuries, nothing would pose a risk for re-injury come fall. As a quarterback, he was repeatedly exposed to hit after hit, but he was able to avoid some of the major injuries that can accompany those hits. There is no concern injury-wise with Fromm moving forward in his quest to make the Buffalo Bills’ roster in 2020.