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Buffalo Bills sign DE Bryan Cox, Jr.

Yes, his dad is who you think he is

The Buffalo Bills have announced that they have signed defensive end Bryan Cox Jr. to a one-year deal. Cox Jr. played in six games with the Cleveland Browns last year, registering five quarterback hits and a half sack. Cox originally entered the league in 2017 with the Carolina Panthers and remained there through most of the 2018 season.

“Former Panther” isn’t the only connection, either, as current defensive line coach Eric Washington should be familiar with the newest Bill. Washington held the same position in Carolina for the 2017 season, which means he worked with Cox Jr.’s position group. Washington was promoted to defensive coordinator in Carolina for 2018.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s likely you’ve heard of his dad, or at the very least a couple of his digits, as Bryan Cox is the notorious Miami Dolphins linebacker known for flipping Bills fans the bird. He later added injury to insult by spitting on fans. The Buffalo fan base reportedly wasn’t very kind to Cox either, for the record.

With Cox Jr.’s father so notorious for Bills fans, reactions have been interesting to say the least. My personal favorite comes courtesy of Ashley Petty, who quipped on Twitter: “This is a SAVAGE move by the Bills. Now Bryan Cox will have to root for us if his son makes the roster.”