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All-22 highlights: Buffalo Bills wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie

With little question on his role in Buffalo, we focus on bringing you the good stuff

Usually with the all-22 I try to give you things like “what’s this guy good at” or “how might the Buffalo Bills work this skill set into their scheme.” The team re-signed wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie and honestly I think that aside from Reid Ferguson, it’d be a challenge to find a guy with fewer questions about his role. Combine that with the fact that we could all likely use something to lift our spirits a bit and let’s just stick to highlights for this one.

Play 1

Eight carries in a year isn’t precisely a ton, but it’s enough to make an opponent think. Especially if Josh Allen hits the handoff at ludicrous speed. I was torn between this reference and Mike Myers telling you it was “like buttah.” Did I make the right choice? Talk amongst yourselves.

Play 2

Oh I wish he handn’t stumbled! As it was he gained 16 yards on this pass. The YAC would have been a little bit higher for sure had he kept his feet.

Play 3

This 24-yard gain has a lot to like. Isaiah Mckenzie follows his lead blocker, Dion Dawkins. When the defender starts to slip around, McKenzie fakes left to get him to bite and then shoves off of Dawkins to head back right and get a few more yards. There’s some excellent field vision at play, too, as McKenzie knows exactly when the hit is coming and shrinks to avoid a big collision.

Play 4

There’s that stumble again. This time Josh Allen is a bit more at fault due to the pass being a bit high. McKenzie jumps and snags it anyway, sliding for a gain of 26.

Play 5

This was a fourth-quarter play with the game tied at seven. Two plays later the Buffalo Bills scored a touchdown and pulled ahead. This technically is recorded as a pass despite being nearly identical to Play 1. The key difference being that now he’s in front of Allen getting the ball. This 46-yard gain has 50 yards after the catch.


Isaiah McKenzie is clearly the Buffalo Bills’ gadget player. And there’s not a darn thing wrong with that. He has the tools to make it work and pulled out big plays semi-regularly when called on. It’s likely his playing time as a receiver will decrease, but look for plays like these ones sprinkled in if he continues to be on the active roster.