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NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills WR Isaiah Hodgins (Oregon State) injury analysis

Does he have the skill set to overtake Duke Williams?

Oregon State v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills have brought some size to their wide receiver room with the addition of 2020 sixth-round draft pick Isaiah Hodgins out of Oregon State. The 6’4”, 210-lb wideout adds some height to a unit deemed “Smurfs” at last year’s training camp. Additionally, Hodgins brings body control and the ability to catch anything, something that current Bills wide receiver Duke Williams lacked at times in 2019. Hodgins could push Williams, a fan favorite last season, to the roster bubble in 2020 unless Williams can step up his game. One advantage that Hodgins has over Williams is both youth and a lack of injuries.

Below is Hodgins’s known medical history:

2017 season:

Appeared in 11 games, missed the Washington game but not due to injury-related reasons. Details are scarce, but it was determined that he simply did not play, not related to discipline or injury. This was the only game of the season that Hodgins missed and he did not appear to have any injuries during his freshman season.

2018 season:

Appeared in 11 games, missing one game due to a hamstring strain. He injured it in the loss to Arizona State and then missed the following week against Washington State. He had the fortune of having a bye week prior to the California game, which gave him nearly three weeks to recuperate. He did not appear to suffer any setbacks or further injury. Reports do not indicate which side was injured.

2019 season:

Appeared in all 12 games and suffered a right knee injury against Arizona early in the game. He had to sit out for the remaining drive before later returning with a knee brace on. He eventually was able to play in the second half and he even caught a touchdown pass, which indicated that his knee was up to playing and the injury appeared to be minor. It’s possible that he may have suffered a mild MCL sprain, but it did not appear to be lasting as he returned to play and played in the remaining games.

Bills Injury Impact:

Like all the other draft picks, the Bills found a receiver who fits into their scheme and one they did not have to take a risk on. While few players are immune to injury, the majority of players do get banged up from time to time. A minor knee injury and hamstring are the extents of his collegiate injuries and should not signal red flags.

There is always a slight concern regarding the hamstring strain with re-injury, but considering that he suffered that injury two years ago indicates it’s not a lasting issue. As with any other wide receiver, there are concerns about the groin and hamstring strains along with knee/ankle sprains. Hodgins brings a clean bill of health and should be able to compete for a roster spot in 2020 as he attempts to take over the position and skill set from Duke Williams.