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Custom video conference backgrounds for Buffalo Bills fans

For when the camera is on you

Colts V Bills

With the majority of our social experiences coming over video conference during the global pandemic, we here at Buffalo Rumblings thought we would give our readers some custom background options.

Just download an image below and follow the instructions linked below for the video conference tool of your choice.

Press conference

If you need to keep it professional or want to pretend you are general manager Brandon Beane or head coach Sean McDermott or [gasp] Matt Warren [gasp], this background is perfect for you.

Buffalo Rumblings Zoom Background

#BillsMafia Tailgate

Here’s a background for all the #BillsMafia members reading. Relive the epic tailgate down in Jacksonville while bracing for a flying elbow from this superfan.

Buffalo Rumblings Zoom Background Jacksonville Tailgate

Hot Tub Tailgate

Kick it old-school and hangout in a hot tub at the January 1994 AFC Championship with this lovely set of twins.

Buffalo Rumblings Zoom Background Hot Tub Tailgate

Mario Williams Scare Tactic

If you’re looking to get a jump from some of your family or friends use this background. Just stay in the middle of your screen until everyone is focused on you and then duck out of the way quick and they’ll get a full-screen view of Mario Williams and his red contacts.