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Buffalo Bills interested in extending LB Matt Milano, LT Dion Dawkins

Earlier this offseason, the Buffalo Bills extended safety Jordan Poyer and gave a new contract to free agent offensive lineman Quinton Spain. They like to be known as people that take care of their guys, but they have several looming questions with soon-to-be free agents.

“You’d love to sign all your guys back, you really would. We know that doesn’t work in this business sometimes, you only get so many dollars and things like that,” said general manager Brandon Beane in his press conference last week.

Over the course of the next year, franchise stalwarts CB Tre’Davious White, LT Dion Dawkins, and LB Matt Milano are set to hit free agency. White can be kept around in 2021 if Buffalo exercises their fifth-year option as a former first-round pick, a move that’s sure to come unless they reach a longer deal. The Bills don’t have that option with Dawkins or Milano.

“In my perfect world, guys like Matt and Dion, I would love to get them extended here long term on what I call is a win-win. A win for the Bills and a win for those guys’ person, said Beane. “We’ve obviously invested a lot [in them]. They were drafted here in ‘17. And again, the guys that fit like they do; fit the DNA, show the physical skill sets, and bring what they bring, you’d love to [give them new contracts].”

Beane didn’t mention if he had begun contract negotiations with either player, but his next line could give an indication.

“At the same time, these guys have representatives, they have values that they put on themselves so when we get to that point of talking to extension with these guys,” said Beane.

It won’t be cheap for either of them. Even if Milano doesn’t set the market at linebacker, he is still in line for a potential payday in the $12 million-per-year range. Dawkins will also be in the eight figures, and could sign for $14 million per year or more. And that doesn’t even mention the market-setting deal White is sure to sign topping $15 million per season.

The Bills need to start working on these extensions now and use some of that salary cap space fans are salivating over for 2021.