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Buffalo Bills were the only AFC East team to not request back-to-back West Coast games

More NFL schedule bits are dropping

The Buffalo Bills didn’t ask the NFL to cluster their West Coast games. According to Warren Sharp, that makes them the only team in the AFC East to not make that request.

The New England Patriots will play the Los Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams inside a span of five days from Sunday through Thursday. The Miami Dolphins are at the San Francisco 49ers and the Mountain Time Denver Broncos in consecutive weeks. The New York Jets play the Seattle Seahawks and Rams in back-to-back games.

Having two games on one coast allows teams to cut travel. This is normally done to help players’ body clocks adjust to the new time zone. Traditionally, teams traveling from the West Coast for 1 PM Eastern game times have underperformed. The Rams will have been on the East Coast for more than a week by the time they play in Buffalo after their previous game in Philadelphia, limiting their travel.

Buffalo’s longest stretch of road games is only two weeks, and the longest travel is in Las Vegas against the Raiders followed by a trip to Nashville to play the Tennessee Titans. They play at the Arizona Cardinals in Week 10 then have a bye. They play at the San Francisco 49ers in Week 13 on Monday night, but then return home to a Sunday night game.