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Buffalo Bills’ most overrated players

Let’s discuss those players who don’t deserve their enhanced reputation

With the status of the 2020 NFL season still up in the air, it seems to me that there’s no better time to discuss some of the more ‘controversial’ topics regarding our favorite NFL team. Today, we’re going to have a debate about those players who we think are the most ‘overrated’ on the Buffalo Bills. That is, which players have reputations higher than they actually deserve. Below are four options, but feel free to discuss additional names in the comments.

DT Ed Oliver

Being drafted in the top ten comes with certain expectations, and Oliver’s rookie season didn’t necessarily match that pedigree. The rookie ended up struggling with the technical aspects of the game, which not only limited his impact but also led him to cede snaps to Jordan Phillips. Sure, Oliver’s five sacks were impressive, but he didn’t create many splash plays and at times was barely noticeable on the field. That’s not what you want out of a player selected ninth overall.

LB Matt Milano

Last year around this time, Milano was criticized by yours truly for his inability to finish a season healthy. In 2019, Milano proved that he could play a full season and avoid the trainer’s table. So why is he still on the list? Because of his weakness against the run. Buffalo’s defense still struggles with stopping the run, ranking 14th in yards per rush attempt. Milano bears some responsibility in that middle-of-the-road ranking, as he still struggles in taking on and shedding blocks at the point of attack. For all his coverage prowess, the linebacker still isn’t a complete defender and the team’s defense is suffering for it.

OG Quinton Spain

Similar to Milano, Spain’s game is limited. The veteran left guard is much more effective against the pass than the run where, despite weighing 330 lbs, he leaves much to be desired. Spain is sluggish when asked to pull and looks lost when he’s out in space. There’s a reason ProFootballFocus assigns him a run-blocking grade of 45.7. Although he was re-signed in the offseason, that may have had more to do with general manager Brandon Beane’s desire to have continuity along the offensive line.

TE Dawson Knox

Knox ran himself into Bills fans’ hearts with a handful of clutch plays throughout the season, including a devastating catch and run against the Cincinnati Bengals. However, as the season went on the rookie ended up hurting his team with several devastating drops in key moments against the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns. Knox still has a lot of potential as a young player, but for someone who finished the 2019 season with only 388 receiving yards, the hype has gotten too big.