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2019 Best Bang For the Dollar Bills: Josh Allen

The Bills’ QB had pretty good production for his salary when compared to other QBs.

Every team relies on rookie deals and cheaper veterans to round out their roster. When they overperform, the team overperforms. The Buffalo Bills are no exception and during the 2019 season they had a solid group of overperforming players.

Coming in at number eight on our countdown of these overachievers is quarterback Josh Allen. He started all 16 games for the Bills in 2019 and finished with a 58.8% completion percentage, 3089 passing yards, and 20 TDs through the air. On the ground, he added 510 yards and 9 TDs. He also caught a touchdown pass in their Wild Card playoff game.

Allen managed to take a nice step from year one to year two, cutting down on negative plays while upping his efficiency.

All-in-all, Allen was the 30th-highest cap hit among NFL QBs at $4.8 million. It was more than Patrick Mahomes ($4.5 million) and Lamar Jackson ($2.15 million), the last two MVPs, but behind backups Chase Daniel ($6 million) and Ryan Tannehill ($5.4 million). Former Bills Ryan Fitzpatrick ($5.5 million), Tyrod Taylor ($3.5 million), AJ McCarron ($3 million), and current backup Matt Barkley ($1.775 million) should give you some perspective. The value-to-performance is why he makes the list.

Top Ten Bang for the Dollar Bills, 2019

10. G Quinton Spain ($2.5 million)
9. WR Isaiah McKenzie ($645,000)
8. QB Josh Allen ($4.8 million)
7. Coming soon