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Marvel Week: Casting the Buffalo Bills as Marvel Heroes

The off-season is in full swing, so we had some fun with this project


It’s Marvel Week at, so we decided to have a little fun with our latest article. Below are our choices for current members of the Buffalo Bills, and how we would cast them as Marvel heroes. We’re sure you have your own suggestions, so join with us and share them in the comments section below.

Josh Allen - Captain America

An easy choice for the leader of the Avengers, as Allen has quickly established himself as the leader of the Bills in his first two seasons. The team leader fits in the image of Captain America, with a squeaky clean image in his time with the Bills. Allen can also hurl a shield or a football farther than any other hero.

Ed Oliver - The Hulk

Oliver may not look too intimidating at first, but put him on the field and he transforms into a giant rage monster for the opposing offense.

Micah Hyde - Hawkeye

A product of the University of Iowa, Hyde has already been a Hawkeye for years. Hyde never misses an assignment, and stands out as one of the veteran leaders of the club.

John Brown - Quicksilver

While the MCU may not have been kind to Quicksilver, Brown’s signing in Buffalo has been a great move for Bills fans. Brown is recognized as one of the fastest players in the NFL, having run a 4.34 40-yard dash at the 2014 combine.

Taron Johnson - War Machine

War Machine is an underrated member of the Avengers, just like Johnson is an underrated member of the Bills’ defense. Johnson packs a punch as a hard-hitting corner out of the slot, and is a fitting choice as War Machine

Dawson Knox - The Winter Soldier

Just like the Winter Soldier, Knox had to reinvent himself after converting from quarterback to tight end when he was recruited to Ole Miss. Knox was a trusted sidekick to Allen as a rookie, and fans look forward to seeing his continued transformation as the Bills star tight end.

Jordan Poyer - Black Panther

A hero who is known for his speed, agility, and instincts, Poyer embodies the confidence and quiet leadership of the king of Wakanda.

Jerry Hughes - Iron Man

One of the leaders of the Bills’ defense, Hughes can be a bit brash and unconventional when needed. He has not missed a game during his time with the Bills, living up to the Iron Man name.

Matt Milano - Falcon

A bit overlooked and underrated early on, the former fifth-round pick from Boston College is a fun choice as Falcon. While he might not be the focal point of the Bills’ defense, Milano continues to improve each year as he could be a face of the franchise in the near future.

Dion Dawkins, Quinton Spain, Mitch Morse, John Feliciano, and Cody Ford - The Guardians of the Galaxy

This group came together during the 2019 season to provide a major upgrade along the offensive line. Individually they might not be much to look at, but when they come together they are quite effective.

Tre’Davious White - Spider-Man

Both White and Spider-Man are faces of their respective franchises, offering a bit of humor to their work on a daily basis. Just like the webbed wall-crawler, White can shut down an offense with his agility and accuracy. Sticky hands and spidey sense help with interceptions.

Cole Beasley - Ant Man

Do not dismiss him because of his size, as Beasley made an immediate impact since joining the Bills in 2019. Despite being only 5’8”, Beasley more than holds his own while being one of the smaller receivers in the league.

Stefon Diggs - Deadpool

Bold, vocal, and highly productive on the field. Just like Deadpool is a new face coming to the MCU, Diggs is a high-profile addition to the Bills. Expectations are high for both of these moves, and fans of both franchises know that neither will disappoint.

Sean McDermott - Nick Fury

Incredibly disciplined and focused on the process, McDermott is the obvious choice to serve as the leader of the Avengers. The matching haircuts that McDermott and Fury share don’t hurt with this choice either.

Devin Singletary - Vision

Singletary is known for his vision on the field, seemingly phasing through defensive lines during his successful rookie campaign.

Tremaine Edmunds - Thor

The “chosen one” on the Bills’ defense, Edmunds is poised to have a glorious career in Buffalo. Having just turned 22 years old, one could argue that Edmunds is a product of the gods.

Levi Wallace - Daredevil

Always a bit of an underrated Marvel hero, Daredevil is the perfect fit for the former undrafted free agent who was a walk-on at Alabama. Both have overcome the odds to experience success, and are trusted allies to their respective counterparts in this article (Tre’Davious White/Spider-Man).