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What were the best offseason moves by the Buffalo Bills during the 2020 offseason?

What move has Bills fans looking gleefully toward the future?

Despite a couple other things going on in the world the last few months, the world of the NFL has tried to remain as disruption free as possible. The 2020 NFL Draft has come and gone. Free agents shifted around the league. Our Buffalo Bills were plenty active this offseason, so let’s discuss which single move has best set the Bills up for success.

Honorable mentions

  • Leslie Frazier promoted to Assistant Head Coach. It’s been clear the last three years that head coach Sean McDermott has a ton of respect for defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier. Despite a possible early rift in which McDermott briefly took over play calling, the duo has come back stronger than ever. Frazier’s voice is often heard and well respected. This vote of confidence in continuity doubles as a public display that the Buffalo Bills reward their high performers.
  • Quinton Jefferson signing. Of the free-agent signings on the defensive line, I’m most eager to see how Jefferson shakes out. Versatility is the name of the game and each new Bill has it to a certain degree. Jefferson’s impressive array of moves and the number of places he can use them from push him to the top of my list.
  • General manager Brandon Beane’s no-trade draft. Beane the wheeler and dealer, was silent in this year’s draft when it came to trades. The move paid off with A.J. Epenesa falling to the Bills in the second round as well as their coveted back Zack Moss. Wide receivers Gabriel Davis and Isaiah Hodgins both seem to have been excellent value picks at a position that won’t be hurt by competition. If kicker Tyler Bass and his big leg translate to the NFL, it could be a steal for Buffalo.

Best offseason move

I tried to think of any reason I wouldn’t pick the trade for Stefon Diggs but came up empty. Of course it’s Diggs. While there’s more to it regarding compensation, the short version for those struggling to remember “the before times” is that the Buffalo Bills traded this year’s first-round pick to the Minnesota Vikings for Diggs.

This move occurred right as the world was shutting down and shows remarkable prescience from Brandon Beane. In an ordinary world it’s always painful to give up a first-round pick that is often the quickest path to an impact player at an affordable cost. In an upside-down world where practices and team building could be nonexistent, rookies run a high risk of an underwhelming season.

That won’t be the case with Stefon Diggs who is not only a known commodity, but a star player. While he comes at a premium cost in both picks and salary he’s in all likelihood already game ready. A team who has their championship window creaking open is wise to pay for experience. A lost year could be one too many. It’s for this and other reasons I feel the value of first-round picks were generally at an all-time low.

Beane’s reading of the tea leaves sets up an emerging Buffalo team with instant and significant improvement, far offsetting the incurred costs. Let us know in the comments section what you feel is the best move of the offseason.