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Love the Buffalo Bills? Come join the conversation

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Do you love the Buffalo Bills? Have you been looking for a community to share your passion? Are other Buffalo Bills fan sites leaving you wanting more? Oh boy do I have some good news for you. Whether you’re just finding us now or have been reading for a while, today is the best time to join the conversation. Why today? Because yesterday is already gone.

What makes Buffalo Rumblings special?

Aside from the variety of content you’ll always find on Buffalo Rumblings, our community guidelines provide a structure for a civil conversation. With these guidelines embraced by our community you’d be hard pressed to find a better atmosphere to talk football. Whether you consider yourself an expert or novice, your fellow fans are here to welcome you.

Make no mistake, talking football is at the heart of everything we do. The dedicated Rumblings staff are comprised of fans who are just as eager as you are to talk all things Bills. News, analysis, opinion, and more come to life with the energy you’d expect from a “fanatic.” If it’s Bills related we’re covering it and provide you with the place to share that passion. So sign up today to get started interacting with the Buffalo Rumblings community.

The conversation is only the tip of the iceberg too. We all know the excitement of seeing breaking news regarding our favorite team and the joy of a mad dash to share it. Take that to a new level by quickly creating a Fanshot to share the moment with fellow fans.

Perhaps you have something to say that a quick link just won’t take care of. Maybe something inspires you to dig deeper into a topic. As a Buffalo Rumblings member you’re always free to write a FanPost, which is exactly what it sounds like. There you’ll find a wide array of writing and editing tools to bring your thoughts to life.

The best part is that this all comes at the low, low price of the time it takes to create an account. While you’re certainly free to send me cash, Bills memorabilia, pirate treasure, alien artifacts, or other tokens of appreciation for convincing you to join; you’ll never be asked to pay for your Buffalo Rumblings membership.

So come on, join the fun! Get your own account and join in the comments today.