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Plays that defined 2019: Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills, Week 14

We take a look back at the plays that tell the story of the 2019 season

The 2019 season is behind us, but the stories live on. Every week brought a different narrative and we look back on the season to tell those stories through the plays that defined the game. Sit back and get ready for the tale of Week 14:

Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills’ reputation was on the rise after defeating the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving. But an even hotter team was coming to town. The 10-2 Baltimore Ravens were averaging nearly 34 points a game, and had broken 40 in three of their last four contests. The high-octane offense was paired with a stingy defense to boot, leading to a lot of lopsided games.

The Buffalo Bills took the game to the wire, nearly tying things up with about a minute to go. However, with the game involving neither horseshoes nor hand grenades, close would not count.

Josh Allen incomplete to Robert Foster (Q1, 9:32)

The first three Bills drives ended on three separate missed deep shots. This incomplete pass to Robert Foster was the second of those attempts. It wasn’t egregiously off the mark, but enough to contribute to Josh Allen’s 44% completion rate for the game. Some of that was surely a result of the Ravens’ defense, but a few near misses may have changed the course of the game.

Josh Allen sacked (Q1, 1:03)

The Bills only gave up one turnover, which is the play above. However, an aggressive Baltimore game plan kept Josh Allen under pressure all day as they sacked him six times.

Lamar Jackson one-yard run (Q2, 3:27)

During the 2019 season the Baltimore Ravens gained 5.5 yards per attempt on the ground. Lamar Jackson achieved an incredible 6.9 yards per attempt. Against the Bills both the team average and Jackson’s average were 3.6 yards per. The ability to take away the Ravens’ biggest strength allowed Buffalo to stay in the game.

Stephen Hauschka 48-yard field goal (Q3, 11:31)

Buffalo was overall just as effective at moving the ball as the Ravens. The difference came down to the Ravens finishing drives with touchdowns. Stephen Hauschka hit three field goals, the longest of which is seen above. As much as many of us like Hauschka, I think we’re all happier when his kicks are only worth one point each.

Josh Allen incomplete to John Brown (Q4, 1:08)

And here is the last-ditch effort to tie the game. The Bills had taken an elite team right to the wire.


Which play best defines the Bills’ loss to the Ravens?

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  • 21%
    Josh Allen incomplete to Robert Foster
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  • 9%
    Josh Allen sacked
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  • 7%
    Lamar Jackson one yard run
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  • 3%
    Stephen Hauschka field goal
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  • 57%
    Josh Allen incomplete to John Brown
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