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Buffalo Bills fandom and video games

It’s video game week at SB Nation, so here’s a thing about video games

You’re heard it a million times before. “Fan” is short for “fanatic.” And in our fanatical devotion to sports we often look for ways to be more directly involved in the game and teams that we love. Many of us have game day traditions. Some of these include superstitions that we feel make a direct impact on the outcome. Even if we don’t believe it, we make sure they continue. Just in case.

For many fans though, that’s not enough. We want to know we have an impact on the game. Sure it’s not possible for most of us to suit up “IRL.” However the world of video games provides an outlet to shape the outcomes we’d like to see.

Take for example Exhibit A found below. This is my all-time favorite sports video game screen cap. If this had a headline it would read “Tom Brady dejected as George Wilson pick-six helps Buffalo Bills dominate New England Patriots once again.” As fans of the Bills likely recall this was not a real headline.

In my video game reality, the Bills dominated the Patriots time and time again. Personal favorite George “The Senator” Wilson would have retired with a Hall of Fame resume. As would most of his teammates. While four Super Bowl losses is a heck of a record, the number that the video game Bills won consecutively shattered it.

Sports memories don’t have to be limited to the real world. Like many of you, the thrill of victory and the rage-quit of defeat are part of my sports history. Feel free to share your favorite gaming moments below.