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NFL announces that all training camps will take place at team facilities in 2020

The Bills won’t be coming to St. John Fisher this year.

As the NFL prepares guidance for teams navigating the preseason and coronavirus pandemic, the league has announced that all teams must hold their training camps at their team facilities. The news was originally reported by ESPN’s Carolina-based reporter David Newton.

That means that the 21st season of Buffalo Bills training camp at St. John Fisher college won’t be happening this year, with the team instead practicing out of One Bills Drive. With the planning very much in flux, it’s hard to say what a training camp in Buffalo might look like (or whether it would even be viewable in any fashion), but expect something very different from the casual, homey atmosphere of the shuttle buses and open bleachers of training camps past.

To understand how quickly the situation shifted, it’s worth noting a report from earlier this afternoon by WROC reporter Thad Brown. Brown had cited a source close to St. John Fisher who said that there were no plans to change Bills training camp, and that the school was planning to host the camp later in the summer. While that may have been the expectation on their end, the NFL’s policy takes precedence here. Brown updated his original report to reflect, in no uncertain terms, that the training camp would not be happening in Pittsford this year.