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Wingin’ It needs your help...again

Looking for ideas for the second year in a row

I’m gonna level with y’all. Wingin’ It is in need of a revamp. The original format lasted 33 articles and visited 20 cities. If continued “as is” though, we’d only add a mere five new cities when looking at the Buffalo Bills’ 2020 schedule. To be specific, those cities are Kansas City (Chiefs), San Francisco (49ers), Las Vegas (Raiders), Seattle (Seahawks), and Glendale (Cardinals). I’m sure you all would have been excited for barbecue (again), Rice-A-Roni, free buffet as long as you’re gambling, rain water, and whatever the heck Glendale is known for.

Maybe I’ll stick to the theme for those five cities. But that leaves 11 or more games (I see you, playoffs) where new ideas would be great. That’s a lot of games to try and mustard up new ideas. For example, as rich in diversity as New York City happens to be, I wasn’t looking forward to two more stops after the first five.

But thanks to social media we have new inspiration. A shout out to Omega Outlier on Twitter for suggesting...


Rather than confining ourselves to the shackles of the opponents’ home cities, let’s run free across the entire globe. No city is safe. No traditional recipe is sacred. If there’s anything you’d like to see get Buffalo’d I’m your guy. The only thing I’d ask you to keep in mind is that these recipes are for the people. If a suggestion requires a lot of specialty ingredients or equipment it might not be a good fit. It’s also important to note that I avoid shellfish recipes because of a significant allergy. So, unfortunately, while recipes using such salt-water delicacies might be delicious for you, they could prove catastrophic for my health.

So toss your ideas below, find me on Twitter, or email me at and remember, location be damned.