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Takeo Spikes believes in Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen

Spikes appeared on the Tiki and Tierney podcast to sing Allen’s praises

The Buffalo Bills are finally garnering some decent expectations among the national press, which have been bringing in current players and alumni to speak on behalf of their team. The latest example of this phenomenon is former Bills linebacker Takeo Spikes, who appeared on CBS Sports’ Tiki and Tierney podcast to discuss the team’s prospects and, in particular Josh Allen.

After being asked by Tiki Barber what his expectation are for the team, the former All-Pro inside linebacker said that his expectation is that the team will make a strong run at the AFC East title, and that’s because of “stellar defense over the previous two years.”

“Buffalo has always been known to play great defense—then when you just look at what they’ve been able to do personnel-wise to be able to surround Josh Allen, they have consistently gotten better, upgraded the offensive line,” noted Spikes.

Spikes then went further in giving quarterback Josh Allen props:

“To me, the X-factor is Josh Allen. Before COVID-19, I thought Allen would make the biggest jump that he would make from second year to third year,” said Spikes. “When you look at how he ended the year last year in the playoffs, he came out after the game and he said, ‘I messed up. I take responsibility. It’s my fault why we lost the game.’ That was the biggest game of his life..but it meant something to him, guys. It meant something.”

Host Brandon Tierney was much less effusive of Allen, saying that, “when you look at the numbers” he is woefully inconsistent. Spikes agreed that Allen needs to take more downfield opportunities, but the rest of the division’s quarterbacks also leave just as much to be desired.