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Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame candidate: P Brian Moorman

Can a punter go on the wall?

Buffalo Bills vs Carolinia Panthers

Brian Moorman was a great punter, easily considered the best in franchise history. There was also a period of time where he was often considered the best player on the team. While a statement of praise about him, that was also often said as a slight to the rest of the roster.

Moorman played 13 years in the NFL, 11 full seasons with the Buffalo Bills followed by one partial season and a cup of coffee with the Dallas Cowboys. During his tenure in Buffalo, Moorman was a First-Team All-Pro twice and selected to the Pro Bowl twice. In fact, during Moorman’s career, only one other Bill received All-Pro honors at all and that was Takeo Spikes in 2004. Additionally, he was chosen as a member of the Buffalo Bills 50th Anniversary Team and the NFL 2000s All-Decade Second Team.

Perhaps one of the most memorable characteristics of Moorman was his overall athleticism. A decorated track star out of Pittsburg State, Moorman was a willing and able player to run or pass in fakes. He was chosen in sprint contests against defensive backs and receivers in Pro Bowl activities where he finished second. The final two passes of his career in 2008 and 2009 both resulted in touchdowns off of fake field goals.

Despite Moorman’s flair for the extras, he was best at the nuts and bolts responsibility of his job. He twice led the league in longest individual punt of the season and ended his career with a 43.8 yards-per-punt average. He also was efficient at getting the ball off his foot in giving up only two blocks in 979 career punts. As hard as it is to believe, the Bills may have been even worse than they already were during his tenure of the drought if they didn’t have such a reliable and prolific punter making it harder than it otherwise would have been for the Bills’ opponents to put more points on the board.

Does he belong on the Wall of Fame?