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Plays that defined 2019: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills, Week 11

We take a look back at the plays that tell the story of the 2019 season

The 2019 season is behind us, but the stories live on. Every week brought a different narrative and we look back on the season to tell those stories through the plays that defined the game. Sit back and get ready for the tale of Week 11:

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins

Having squeaked by the Miami Dolphins less than a month before, the Buffalo Bills looked to rebound after a tough loss to the Cleveland Browns. And they did. Piling up 16 points before the Dolphins got on the board, Buffalo never let up. Every time Miami scored, Buffalo responded in kind and ended up winning by 17. The Bills put up season highs for points (37) and yards (424, tied with the Denver Broncos game) as they beat down a division foe.

Lorenzo Alexander tackle for loss (Q1, 12:00)

A dominant run defense helped the Buffalo Bills jump out to an early lead. And once they did, the Dolphins started to abandon the run. As a result, Miami managed only 23 yards on the ground. Not on this drive. Not in the half. In the entire game. Even factoring in the low number of attempts (13), the 1.8 yards per rush was abhorrent. Lorenzo Alexander had the honor of the first tackle for a loss on this play but the Bills would add another eight before the day was through.

Ed Oliver sack (Q1, 4:23)

Ryan Fitzpatrick dropped 323 yards on the Bills, which sounds like a good day at the office. This was mostly a result of volume as Fitzpatrick was asked to throw 45 times. Buffalo clamped down when they needed to and prevented points. The Dolphins’ offense only accounted for 13 of their 20 with seven coming off a returned kickoff. And even on successful drives, Miami earned every inch. This Ed Oliver sack was one of seven. Add in 14 quarterback hits and that’s a lot of harassed Fitz.

Fun fact: This was Ed Oliver’s second NFL sack but first on a quarterback. His first sack came in the Miami game earlier in the season when Albert Wilson had lined up under center.

John Brown 40-yard touchdown (Q2, 13:16)

While Buffalo had two scoring drives already and limited Miami to zero, this play opened the game up big time. Both prior scores had been field goals keeping it a one-score game. The Josh Allen strike to John Brown established that both had come to play and put Miami on notice. Not that it did them much good.

Dawson Knox TD (Q2, 1:30)

Buffalo had pulled ahead 16-0 when Miami got on the board via a touchdown run with under four minutes to go in the half. About two minutes later Josh Allen found Dawson Knox to match the Miami score and keep the lead at 16. This happened every single time Miami scored. The gap was never less than 16 for any significant period of time.

John Brown touchdown (Q4, 10:43)

Miami continued to try and rally into the fourth quarter until this score put a fork in ‘em. After this, the Dolphins’ one-dimensional offense needed touchdowns or bust and couldn’t do it. The Bills’ offense was able to coast to victory, leaving the final score 37-20. John Brown was the star of the show. In addition to the two touchdowns shown, Brown had 137 receiving yards on nine catches.


Which play best defines the Bills’ victory over the Dolphins?

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  • 14%
    Lorenzo Alexander tackle for loss
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  • 6%
    Ed Oliver first QB sack
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  • 61%
    John Brown long touchdown
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  • 6%
    Dawson Knox touchdown
    (24 votes)
  • 10%
    John Brown final touchdown
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