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Buffalo Bills making coronavirus changes to season ticket guidelines, including allowing a one-year hiatus

Though the issue of fans attending games remains up in the air, season ticket holders shouldn’t be worried

In the not-too-distant future, NFL fans are hoping to spend their Sundays as they always have by rooting on their favorite team. Unfortunately for us, large gatherings in the midst of a pandemic pose some challenges, which raises questions on if or how many might be attending in person. The Buffalo Bills are getting a jump on reassuring their season ticket holders.

To that end, the Bills released a public statement along with an email to season ticket holders Tuesday.

“We are working diligently on guidelines that will provide a safe environment at New Era Field.”

While those guidelines aren’t yet written, the reassurance comes in the form of a promise to keep fans updated. The team promises further to communicate any changes as soon as possible with a specific reference to changes in seating capacity.

In the meantime, season ticket holders were informed that those still paying for their tickets will no longer be charged until guidelines have been clarified. This good news accompanies a statement that “in a reduced capacity scenario, seat locations and availability for season ticket members may be adjusted.”

Some season ticket holders may wish to forego the season out of caution as a personal choice and the Bills took pains to make sure these fans weren’t forgotten. Season ticket holders reportedly will receive an email with information on opting out of their commitment for this season. But don’t worry, fans choosing this route can still reserve their seat and their seniority level for the 2021 season. No harm, no foul.

While there are certainly more pressing matters than sports during a global health crisis, it’s nice to have one less thing to worry about.