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Josh Allen and Sam Darnold continue to teach each other

The two friends have been training together in California and can’t help but work through nuances they’ve learned

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen’s friendship with New York Jets signal-caller Sam Darnold is pretty well-known by now. The two roomed together throughout the 2018 pre-draft process, they continue to train together with Jordan Palmer in California during the offseason and they have been seen together several times at various non-football events.

When asked to talk about Darnold on a recent interview with SiriusXM Radio hosts Bill Lekas and Jordan Palmer, Allen said that Darnold is “one of the greatest dudes” he’s ever met.

“Watching him throw and throwing with him has been awesome. It is a little friendly competition there and (I’ve been) able to pick some stuff up from him. We’ve been able to rely on each other,” Allen said. “Just kind of lean on each other I guess and just throughout the year.”

It’s shouldn’t be that surprising that the two young men have gone over “trade secrets” as it were, especially considering they’ve spent three summers together. But Allen continued:

“(I’ve taken) some things from his mechanics and tried to apply them to my game and vice versa,” said Allen. “Just kind of picking each other’s brains as far as defenses and types of concepts that we’re running. We don’t get too deep. So I don’t know if my coaches (are listening). But we don’t get too deep, but it’s fun to kind of talk to somebody who’s kind of going through the same thing.”

It’s good to see that the two quarterbacks aren’t afraid to pursue every avenue. Here’s hoping Darnold’s tips and tricks given to Allen were useful.