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Buffalo Bills join list of NFL teams with approved infectious disease plan

Only a quarter of the league has been approved.

On Wednesday, multiple reports emerged that the Buffalo Bills were one of eight teams who have had their Infectious Disease Emergency Response (IDER) plan approved. In order for players to be allowed into the team facility, the team needed to have the IDER plan in place.

IDER plans are what to do in the case of an outbreak within the team. With close contact frequent among players, the possibility of an outbreak is higher than in other sports or workplaces, requiring the more extensive plan.

The individual team plans were all approved by the NFL earlier this week, but they had to pass muster with the NFLPA, as well. They are reportedly working through the remaining team plans very diligently.

So far, 59 NFL players — roughly 2% of the league’s members — have tested positive for the coronavirus according to the NFL Players Association. That number is likely go up over the course of the next week as players report and some of them take their first COVID-19 test.

Players are tested on their reporting date, then sent to their home or hotel for two days of virtual meetings. On the fourth day, they take another test. If both tests are negative, they are allowed into the facility on the fifth day.