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Buffalo Bills still hopeful some fans will be allowed at home games in 2020

The Bills sent a letter to season-ticket holders on Thursday.

On Thursday, the Buffalo Bills sent a letter to season-ticket holders informing them they were deferring all 2020 season tickets to the 2021 season. All season-ticket holders will maintain their seat and seniority into the 2021 season and have the option to get a refund of money already paid or they can use it as an account credit for 2021.

Along with the deferment, the Bills said they hoped there would be some-ticket holders in the seats this fall. Details weren’t forthcoming, however.

“As we are well aware of New York State’s current guidelines for the return of professional sports, we are still in the process of planning for the possibility of a limited amount of spectators being able to attend games for the 2020 season,” said the release.

The letter comes exactly three weeks after New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said no fans would be allowed at professional sports games for the foreseeable future. Just yesterday, he said college athletics won’t have fans in the fall.

If you’re a season-ticket holder, there is a lot more information in the letter and in your account manager.