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John Murphy, Eric Wood will likely be staying close to home for Buffalo Bills radio broadcasts

Alan Pergament of The Buffalo News has the details.

While the Buffalo Bills are expected to travel to away games this year, it’s highly unlikely the contingent of press will be with them. That includes the team’s radio broadcast announcers John Murphy and Eric Wood. The pair may not even be in the same room as each other reports The Buffalo News.

Murphy, the team’s play-by-play announcer, will likely do his radio call using the television broadcast. There is a possibility the TV networks could provide radio teams with a pulled-back video feed so they can comment on things not normally seen on the regular TV broadcast, said Alan Pergament in the article. Murphy would do the call from One Bills Drive in the same setup he does home games with his spotters, though they will have to socially distance.

Wood, on the other hand, likely won’t be in Orchard Park. The former Bills center makes his home in Louisville, Kentucky, and with that state being on New York’s quarantine list, he wouldn’t be able to fly in each week for the broadcasts. It’s unclear what the plan is for this season, but they have more than a month to figure it out.

With the travel restrictions in place, specifically coming back into New York from other states, it’s likely we won’t see any media at away games. Honestly, what’s the point? All the interviews are going to be done via virtual teleconferencing. They aren’t allowed in the locker room and they won’t be in press conference rooms.