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Former Buffalo Bills OL Spencer Long has retired

It’s been an eventful couple weeks for Spencer Long

Former Buffalo Bills reserve lineman Spencer Long has decided to retire from football as reported by ESPN’s Field Yates. Long spent 2019 with Buffalo as an interior lineman. Appearing in 14 games, Long was a primary reserve player who was expected by many to continue that role in 2020.

On August 4th, the Buffalo Bills released long in what was a somewhat surprising roster move. Two days prior the New York Jets had released guard Brian Winters. Following the Bills’ signing Winters on August 6th, it was felt Long’s release was at least in part due to Buffalo’s desire to sign Winters.

Long didn’t have to wait an extensive amount of time to be signed. Last Thursday he was picked up by the San Francisco 49ers, where he was expected to compete for a roster spot. As of the moment, there is no word on what prompted the sudden retirement by Long. If this was a move he was openly pondering in the locker room, it could help explain his sudden exit from the Bills.