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The play that defines the 2019 Buffalo Bills season

A champion has been crowned

After a grueling season of GIFs competing we have crowned a champion! Yes Rumblers, we have boiled down an entire season’s worth of stories into a single moment to spin the yarn of the 2019 season. For those of you new to this, first of all where the heck were you? Second of all, the goal is to find a play that you could use to illustrate as much of the year as possible if you had to narrate it.

Without further ado, your PLAY THAT DEFINES THE 2019 BUFFALO BILLS SEASON IS...

The Conversion

In a tied game and in good position for a go-ahead field goal, head coach Sean McDermott went for it. As Josh Allen fumbled the ball the negative emotions of our collective curse words threatened apocalyptic repercussions to the universe. That might be a bit exaggerated but we were pissed. Then, through sheer willpower, Josh Allen clawed the ball back and forced his way to a first down.

When the voting is on the line I try to steer clear of personal opinions but here at the end there’s no reason to hold back. This play is an excellent addition to the Championship Circle. Joining “Josh Allen Jumping Over Things” and “Kyle Williams Scores a Touchdown” all three plays capture the emotional aspect of fandom perfectly.

In addition to that, 2019’s winner helps illustrate that Sean McDermott started dispelling the notion of an overly conservative coach. The play can be used to tell how the Bills were often near calamity winning only about half their one-score games. It further defines the difference between victory and defeat. When the offense made something happen, the Bills were tough to beat.

Here’s what some of you had to say:

  • Our very first comment of the series came from BuffaloSuperBowlParade who said “I get amped as hell watching that play, every single time, no matter how many times I watch it.” BSBP didn’t even think the play needed introduction.
  • In the next round, BuffaloDiaspora commented “Are we pretending that ‘The Conversion’ might not win? It is probably the most inspiring play of the century for this team.”
  • Good Apollo had this to say “This moment, and more so the game itself, told me something. That the Bills are back.”

Cue the parade...

Thank you to everyone who participated in this series in some fashion. It’s a lot of fun for me to put together and one of the personal highlights of the year is crowning a champion. It’s also typically the last item I do that looks back at the former season and marks a transition to the current year.

We may not know how this season will play out, but rest assured there’s no place I’d rather discuss the Buffalo Bills than right here. Congratulations to “The Conversion” and LET’S GO BILLS!